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A Step Towards Cleanliness

Posted On 30 Jul, 2017 Social Issues में

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Well, there came another two months of summer to get bored. So this year I went on a trip to Mumbai with my family. I had gone to Mumbai in its monsoon so everyday it would be raining. Mumbai is an amazing place and the rain made it better.

We went to a lot of places there and I loved it. But, there was one thing at which I was very disappointed. It was the Juhu beach. As soon as we stepped towards the beach, there was a horde of crows flying in and making a lot of noises. There was garbage everywhere. I could see more of garbage than sand at the beach. I seriously doubted if this actually is the Juhu beach. There were 3 policewomen strolling around and unwilling to ask but I somehow blurted out, “Is this the Juhu beach?”. That place is actually very beautiful. You could go miles and miles into the water and it remains shallow. But, people are the ones to be blamed for all the junk and trash spread across the beach. They eat and drink from the shops nearby and just throw the wrappers and waste on the beach. My family and I also ate bhel and chana but I kept the wrappers in my hand until I found a dustbin. We had to walk for a long time until we saw a small box labelled “DUSTBIN” and there’s where I threw the waste. Only if there were some dustbins at the beach where the crowd was enjoying some delicious snacks, there would be at least a small amount of people bothering to throw the waste in the dustbins. Because there are no dustbins kept, the public is forced to litter the beach.

My whole idea of writing this article is that in a beautiful place like Mumbai, if the government makes some arrangement to maintain cleanliness, it would be really great. other than that, Mumbai is an amazing city!!


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